How can we make progress on the spiritual path?

Question:  We are following the spiritual path, how can we make progress on this path?
Swamiji:  The main obstacles to spiritual progress are the worldly relations that we have assumed in our lives, to be ours. It is the delusion, the attachments (moha) that we have assumed with the world. Become free of these delusions. Our family members are a great attraction and a source of attachment. “moha sakal byaa din ….” God asked Arjuna, if he had understood the Gita ? and Arjuna replied, “Nashto Moha, Smriti Labdhvaa, Tat Prasaadaa” All delusions are wiped out, and the Truth is now recollected, only by Your grace.

“Karishye vachanam tavah”, I will follow Your command, Your words.

Therefore, do only one thing, lift off all delusions, all attachments, even things like – let me remain healthy always is an attachment. When selfishness is renounced, it will all be easy. The key point is that dependence should be only on His grace, His mercy. “Aap kripa ko aasaro, Aap kripa ko jor; Aap binaa dikhe nahin, teen lok mein Aur.”

Pray! At all times pray! While walking, sleeping, eating, waking, while doing anything, simply pray.

From “Jin Khoja Tin Paayiyaa” in Hindi pg 64 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.