How do we deal with unfavorable situations?

Question:  How do we deal with unfavorable situations?
Swamiji:  In God’s pleasure and happiness is our happiness. When we follow His directions, He becomes indebted to us. When a situation comes to us (from God), then why must we question it? All unfavorable situations (pratikulataa) result in exhausting our sins. It is almost as if the debt is getting paid off.

During low periods (unfavorable situations) in one’s lives, many devotees have become great Saints. When you read the life stories of many great Saints, you will see that they have experienced many hardships. In situations when you are harassed, people do not listen to you, people scold you, when they are mean to you, when your health is failing, when you are unemployed etc., all of these situations are nothing but in your favor. They are cleansing your sins. There is lot to gain from unfavorable situations (pratikultaa).

In good times, our nature and our habits are likely to become bad.  Salvation is more difficult for rich people. Money and the extravagant spending habits, the lifestyle of pleasure and gaining happiness from wealth, all of this leads to spoiling one’s nature.
Simply accept that unfavorable situations are God’s grace. They are sent by Him, for our betterment and for uplifting us.  During the time that one is going through and unfavorable situation, it may be difficult to bare it, but at all times know that there is immense gain in these situations.
Have no desire of your own. What ever it is that God wishes, at all times remain happy in that condition. If there is any doubt about what I am saying, then speak up.
Always remember these two points – During favorable times, serve others. These favorable times have been given to you, only to serve. And during unfavorable times, see His grace, see the cleansing taking place and remain ever joyful.
From discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji, in Hindi on Sept 2, 1992 at 5:00 pm
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