The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines

The very image (nature) of all beings is Existence or Divinity. That Divinity is in the form of truth, consciousness and bliss solidified. That Divinity ever remains the same, immutable and detached. When a man forgets his very image (the self), he assumes the identification of the self with the body. This assumed relationship of the self with the body is of three kinds –

l. I am the body, 2. The body is mine, 3. The body is for me. 

We perceive only two things – the perishable (insentient) and the imperishable (sentient). The two are totally different from each other. In the Gita they have been named body and soul, perishable (Ksara) and imperishable (Aksara), and field, the body (Ksetra) and the knower of the field, the soul (Ksetrajna) etc. Saints have named them ‘Not’ and ‘Is’. The self is sentient, imperishable and ‘Is’ while the non-self is insentient, perishable and ‘Not’. ‘Is’ is ever attained while ‘Not’ is acquired and lost. 

There is a vital fact that by perceiving ‘Is’, pure (real) ‘Is’ is not perceived but by perceiving ‘Not’ as ‘Not’, real ‘Is’ is perceived. The reason is that when we hold ‘I am a pure, enlightened and liberated soul’, we have to apply our mind and intellect and thus with ‘Is’ there is also ‘Not’ in the form of mind and intellect. But when we hold the ‘Not’ as ‘Not’ that ‘I’ am not the body’, ‘the body is not mine’ and ‘the body is not for me’, our mind and intellect also go with ‘Not’ and pure (real) ‘Is’ remains.  (to be continued)

From book ‘For Salvation of Mankind’ by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj