Significance of Satsang

Just as we are alive due to eating food, or else we would die, similarly by listening to “satsang” (association with Truth) the inner spiritual body of an aspirant stays alive, it remains strong,  or else it becomes weak.   Therefore daily one should do satsang.  There is never satiation with satsang.  Just as why to eat wheat roti or Bajra roti daily ?  Why to drink water daily ?  Why to breath daily ?  If you don’t then you will die of starvation, thirst, suffocation !  In  the same way, even on listening to the satsang, time and again,  one does not get satiated.  Just as, everyday one feels hungry,  similarly one feels hungry for satsang.  One gets nourishment from satsang. 

From Book in Hindi –  “Ban Gaye Aap Akele Sab Kuch”  Pg 180 by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji.