Attainment of the Ever Attained – Part 1

God has bestowed upon Jeev (embodied soul), this human body, so that it may attain salvation. From this view-point, in reality this human life is only for engaging in spiritual disciplines “sādhanyoni“. Simply by following one’s spiritual disciplines, human being can attain salvation, he can be liberated from the shackles of birth and death cycle.

Why can he be liberated? Because he is liberated.

Therefore first and the foremost a seeker should firmly accept the Truth that I can be liberated. I can be liberated? Because I am liberated.

I can attain Paramatma (God). Why I can attain Paramatma (God)? Because Paramatma is ever-attained.

That which is in all places, at all times, in all beings, in all things, in all states, in all situations and incidents, in all circumstance, how can That Paramatma ever be separated from us? Just as Paramatma can never be separate from us, so can we never become one with the body. Till today we have been in many wombs (born as many different creatures), we have taken on many bodies, but none of the bodies have remained with us, while we (Self) remained as-is. Therefore a spiritual aspirant must accept the Truth that he has an indivisible relationship with Paramatma and the body has an indivisible relationship with the world. Therefore we are unable to do anything for ourselves with this body.

If any work (actions) are done by this body, it will be done only for the world, not for our Self. The actions (activity) has relationship with the world. Our true Self is free of all actions “akriya” (actionless). If we do not want to do any actions, then what is the need for this body?

Now an aspirant must inquire, that if we are unable to do anything for our selves with this body, but we are only able to do for the world, then what can we do for ourselves? How can we do it? On further inquiry we come to know that for ourselves, through ourselves, we can become desire-less.

We can be desireless? Because we are desireless. For ourselves we can become “Nirmama” (mamta rahit), i.e. free sense of mine-ness, free of attachment.

Why can we be free of sense of mineness? Because we are, free of sense of mine-ness. (to be continued ..)

From “Salvation of Mankind” Chapter 6 by H. H. Shri Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj.