We neither had, nor have, nor will have, nor can have a relationship with the body. In other words, we can eat meals (bhojan) with this body, but we cannot worship and be devoted (do bhajan of) to God with this body. We cannot even serve others with this body. However being apart (detached) from this body, we can serve. How can we do so? We can do it by the “Self” being free from evils. Why can we do so? Because the (self) is free from evils – “Chetan amal sahaj sukh raasi” (Manasa, Uttara. 117/2). Even worship can be done only by the “self.” How can we do so? We can do so by loving God. Why can we do it? Because we are God’s beloved ones. Through this body we can talk about serving and loving God, but cannot serve or love God with the body. With the body, senses, mind and intellect which we have acquired from the world, we can attain only the world, not God (Paramatma). God can neither be captivated (accessed) through the body, nor through the mind, nor through the senses, nor through the intellect. If God could be captured (realized) by these, then He could also be captured (realized) by a machine. Therefore if a seeker (sadhak) wants to attain God, then he must give up the dependence on the body, mind, intellect, senses, as well as, give up the dependence on actions, doing something (kriya). God cannot be attained by insentient objects such as body and related elements. However, God is attained by renouncing affinity with these insentient objects. From this it is proven that to attain God and to be His beloved, neither the body, nor the mind, nor the senses, nor the intellect is needed.

That which can be acquired by the body, cannot be attained by all. But that God which is attained by the “self”, can be attained by all. God is not the name of that which can be attained by some and not by others. God is that one Who is attainable by all. Why can He be attained? Because he is already attained. When there is nothing else besides God, then how is He unattained?

Narayan ! Narayan !! Narayan !!!

From “Salvation of Mankind” Chapter 6 by H. H. Shri Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj.