God Can be Attained Assuredly Today Itself!

God (Paramatma) realization is very easy. There is no other work that is as easy as God-realization. However, there must be want of only God and nothing else. Because there is no one else like God, not in the least bit. Just like God is One without another (ananya), similarly want of God must also be exclusive.

For the attainment of worldly pleasures, three things are needed – 1) Desire 2) Effort and 3) Destiny. First and the foremost there must be a desire to acquire worldly things. Then one needs to make an effort for its acquisition. After making an effort, it will be acquired only when one is destined to get it. If one is not destined to get it, then even with putting forth effort, one will not get the thing. We make an effort in order to gain, but end up loosing! But God can be realized purely by ardent desire. Neither effort nor destiny are needed. In this path of divinity there is never a loss, rather there is gains and only gains.

Besides God there is nothing that can be attained purely from aspiring and desiring. The reason for this is that human body has been received only for attaining God. With the aim of realizing God only this human body has been bestowed upon us.

The second point is that God is Omnipresent (in all places). Not even the space where the sharp tip of a needle can stand is vacant without God. Therefore in attaining God, effort and destiny are of no use at all. By effort only those things are attained that are perishable. The eternal God cannot be attained through effort. God is realized only due to ardent longing and desire.

From book – For Salvation of Mankind, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj