Continued…. Whether one is a male or a female, an ascetic (saadhu) or a householder (grahasth), literate or illiterate, child or youth, whatever one may be, simply by ardent desire he can attain God. Besides God there is no desire either to live or to die, no desire for pleasures, nor for hoarding. Things not desired will not perish or become non-accessible, non-existent. That which is destined for us, we will surely get. That which is destined for us, no one else can get it “yadasmadeeyam na hi tatparesam” – the fever that is to come to us, how can someone else get it? Similarly the money that is destined to come will surely come. But destiny is not involved in realizing God.

God cannot be exchanged for a price. With money one can only acquire those things that are of lesser value than the price tag. The things available in the market are worth for less than the listed price. We do not have any such thing with us by which we can acquire God. God is One without another. He is Eternal, Almighty (powerful), and Omnipresent. God is ours and He is in us. Sarvasya chaaham hrdi sannivshth” (Gita 15:15). “I reside in the hearts of all beings” (Gita 15:15) “Ishvar sarva bhootaanaam hrdeshe’rjun tisthati.” (Gita 18:61). “O’ Arjuna, God resides in the hearts of all beings.” He is not far from us. Whether we go into the 8.4 million wombs then too God will dwell in our hearts; and whether we go to heaven or hell then too he is with us. If we become beasts, birds, trees, etc., then too He will remain in our hearts. And if we become demi-gods (devatas) then too He will remain in our hearts. If we attain liberation or attain enlightenment then too He will remain in our hearts. Even if we become the worst of worst sinners, worst of criminals, committed worst of injustice, then too He will remain in our hearts. Such a God that resides in the hearts of all, how can His attainment be difficult?

From book – For Salvation of Mankind, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj