God is not accessible if there is simultaneously desire staying alive, for respect, for glories, for pleasures etc. Because God is unique, only
God is like God. Neither anyone was, is, will be or can be like
God, therefore how can we attain God ? Simply by desire and thirst for
God, God can be attained. What is the value of anything that is perishing, in front of the Eternal God ? Can He ever be attained through the transient actions and things ? No! God cannot be attained through ! When a spiritual aspirant cannot stay without meeting God, then God too cannot stay without meeting him, because it is the nature of God – “Ye yathaa maam prapadyante, taanstathaiyyva bhajaamyaham.” (Gita 4:11) “Whatever way that devotee takes refuge in Me, I support him in that way.”

Let us say that some mosquito wanted to meet an eagle, and vice versa, the eagle also wanted to meet the mosquito, then who will reach first, the eagle will reach the mosquito first or the mosquito? To meet the eagle, the mosquito’s strength will just not work. It is the eagle’s strength alone that will work. In the same way, if one wants to reach God (God), then only God’s power will work. In this our strength, our actions, our fate (destiny, deeds performed in previous births) will not yield anything. On the contrary only our ardent desire will work. There is nothing else which is required except our ardent desire, will, and aspiration. If we are unable to reach God then is God also not able to reach us? However much strength we may apply, we simply cannot reach God. But God resides in our hearts! We believe God to be far from us, therefore God distances Himself from us. Draupadi called out to the Lord as “Govind Dwaarkawaasin” therefore the Lord had to go to Dwarka and return to her. If she were to say one who is close by, then He would immediately appear! If we believe that God cannot be attained now, then He will not be attained right now; because we ourselves have placed an obstruction. We have barred Him from appearing.

From book – For Salvation of Mankind, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj