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How can all attain their supreme good (kalyan) ?

How can all attain their supreme welfare (kalyan) ? It comes to the mind that,   that you and I both should do, what I am saying, then all will attain their supreme welfare (kalyan).  First and the foremost, our main objective should be that we want to attain salvation. We only have this one […]

“Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing it ?

Question:  “Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing it ? Swamiji:  Srimad Bhagavatam has addressed the method of realizing “All is God” (Srimad Bhag 11:29:16) Whatever be the race, stage, sect, caste or religion of a person, he/she is God only (manifestation of only God). In this there are four points – 1) God is […]

How to Realize Everything is God?

Question:  “Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing this fact ? How is it accomplished?   Swamiji:  If we want to realize “Everything is God”, then we should hold firmly that the body, which we presume to be our own, has been attained by us from the world, and it shall perish some […]

Ram Ram for Diwali

Greetings of Diwali to everyone. Diwali is the festival of lights – I wish that the real light (light of knowledge) is lit inside all of us. Let no one be missed – small, big, young, old, man, woman, all. That will be a true Diwali.  I see deficiencies in a number of us that […]

All is Only God

There are two divisions of all the scriptures (philosophies)  – theistic and atheistic.  Among the theistic scriptures the Gita is an important one.  The basic principle of the Gita is “Vasudevah Sarvam”  i.e. “All is only God”.   The philosophers, who are satisfied with their philosophy, with their opinion only, stopped there, without any further progress.  But those who were not […]

Not Me,  Not Mine (Feb 24, 2018)

||ShriHari|| Phalgun Shukla Navami, Vikram Samvat 2074, Shanivaar Feb 24, 2018, Saturday continued….. Gentlemen  !  Abide in righteousness, abide  in justice.    Do not do injustice (unrighteousness).  Behave lovingly, and do not be insolent and arrogant.  If even those brothers and sisters who do satsang, do not behave lovingly, respectfully, then who to expect goodness from […]