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How do we deal with unfavorable situations?

Question:  How do we deal with unfavorable situations? Swamiji:  In God’s pleasure and happiness is our happiness. When we follow His directions, He becomes indebted to us. When a situation comes to us (from God), then why must we question it? All unfavorable situations (pratikulataa) result in exhausting our sins. It is almost as if the […]

How to Gain Happiness – 4

Some brothers are of the notion that if money is taken away from the wealthy people and distributed among those who have very little, then all will become happy. However, one must think over the kind of happiness the rich have, as it is mixed with sorrow.  It is happiness in which they are burning night and […]

How to Gain Happiness – 3

Now what is the means to happiness? The answer to happiness is – having the aim of attaining the sentient Paramatma (God, Supreme Being) and lawful and righteous conduct (according to Dharma). The purport is that when our conduct is according to Dharma and when we have no desire to get anything else besides that which […]

How to Gain Happiness (contd)

If you think seriously then you will come to know, that you do not become happy on acquiring things, on the contrary, on getting those things, the desire and want (which are the cause of all sorrow and suffering) increases even more.  It has been said – ‘All the vegetation, grains, animals and women that […]

How to Gain Happiness

That which pleases the mind-senses is pleasure (happiness, joyous) and that which appears to displease the mind, is displeasure (unhappiness). This is the common explanation on pleasure (happiness) and displeasure (unhappiness) from ordinary people. We think that if we get food, clothing, houses, cars, land-property, knowledge, medicines and various other things etc. at a low […]

Happiness in Renunciation

When one is hungry,  one gets pleasure from eating –  this is an indisputable fact. Pay attention !  The pleasure that one gets from the first morsel,  does one get the same pleasure after eating five-ten morsels ?   As we continue to eat, the pleasure of eating diminishes. Finally, the hunger comes to an […]