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The Essence of “Dharma”

Shrooyataam dharmasarvasvam shrutvaa chaivaavadhaaryataam Aatmanah pratikoolaani pareshaan na samaacharet ||   (Padmapuraan, shrushti  19/357-358)   “Dharmasarvasva” meaning if the entire “Dharma” (spiritual and moral laws) can be said in a few words,  then it is –  that which is unfavorable to me,  I must not do to others. In this is the essence of all scriptures.   Just as you may have the inner sentiment that may each and every person be of […]

Man becomes a Slave due to his Affinity with the World

The moment man accepts his affinity with the world, he becomes trapped and suffers many sorts of pain.  He believes that this body, wealth , property, house, family etc, are his and he is their master, but in fact,  he becomes their slave. The misconception is that of becoming a master, but instead he becomes […]

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 14

If a devotee leaves behind two thoughts – ‘this should happen, this should not happen’, and obeys God’s command in doing his work,  then he can easily attain God. He can easily attain liberation and supreme welfare. Ramayana says – Kabahu kari karuna nar dehi Det iss binu hetu sanehi.                    (7/43/3) The ever compassionate God on […]

Root Cause of Fights in the Family

Root Cause of Fights in the Family Question – What is the root cause of quarrels, fights, strife and disquietude in the family?   Answer – Self-interest is the root cause of all quarrels, strife and disquietude in the family. Everyone wants his desire to be fulfilled, longs for favorable circumstances, wants to lead a […]

Make Proper Use of Vivek

There is predominance of ‘vivek’  in the human body. ‘Vivek’ means to thoroughly know what is ‘essence’ and ‘non-essence’, what is duty and non-duty.   Man has to make proper use of this ‘vivek’ (discriminative faculty). But man does not make proper use of his ‘vivek’, he does not give due importance to it, therefore he […]

Self is Devoid of Virtue and Vice

If we try to see (get to know) the world, then we will get nothing.  Because the unreal (asat) has no independent existence. It is only due to the existence of the Real (God), that the world appears as real.    An aspirant should not accept his affinity with either virtues or vice, then he […]