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Do Not Waste Time, Get Immersed in God – 2

Question: But how does one have this feeling of mine-ness with God? Swamiji: We are an inseparable ‘ansh’ part of God (Paramatma). In the absolute sense we are – “Ishvar ansh, jeev avinaashi.” He is our Param Pita (Eternal Father). “Twameva Maata che Pita Twameva, Twameva Sarvam Mama Deva Devah”. You are my everything. ‘He Naath, […]

Do Not Waste Time, Get Immersed in God

Human birth is invaluable. The time we have is very precious. It should not be wasted on trivial things. We don’t know right now. There is very little time, and lot of work has to be completed. Let us be alert and careful in how we spend our time. In the end, nothing will remain. We will have to […]

It is always the Festival of Lights for a Saint

Who is Ours?Think about this question – Who is ours? You will get the answer that except God there is no one else who is ours. The soul is a particle of the Divinity, immortal, conscious, untainted and blissful by nature. God is our very own. Only God is. Nothing whatsoever will stay with us […]

Separation is Inevitable

In the world there are two things – union and separation. Of these, separation is primary. We cannot be sure about being together, but we can be certain there will be separation at some point in time. It is the experience of all that union leads into separation. The one who accepts that separation is […]

Time and It’s Significance

Time is an invaluable resource.  But man is engaging in consumption of alcohol, tobacco, playing cards,  women, entertainment, hoarding wealth etc. etc., and not paying  attention to his invaluable resource – Time.   This time by whose power we are alive, is going by so very quickly. More money,  more things ! You simply do not look […]

We are Living, Only Due to the Remaining Life-Breaths

The remaining life-breaths are quickly getting exhausted while indulging in sense pleasures.  We are being devoured by the pleasures, more so than us enjoying the sense pleasures.  The more that we indulge, the more we become addicted to alcohol, tobacco, women, caffein,  etc.  Our life force is weakened and drained by these dependencies.  These habits are […]