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The Three Disciplines

||ShriHari|| Something Remarkable Lord Kṛṣṇa has mentioned two disciplines—the Discipline of Sankhya (Knowledge) and The Discipline of Yoga (Action). Corresponding to the two types of Disciplines there are two types of ‘Purushas’, in this world (Gītā  15/16). These are the perishable (mortal world) and the imperishable (immortal self). To remain equanimous in success and failure, […]

Only God is Mine

Human body has been received by God’s grace,  and only for realizing Him. Therefore leaving all work aside, become engaged in God.   He whose age is advanced, they must most certainly become connected with God. He whose age is younger,  they too must with a true heart become absorbed in God. Do all the […]

Our relationship with God

Our relationship with God is self-sufficient and natural.   Our affinity with the worldly objects is not natural. Mind, intellect, senses, body etc., and all objects are constantly flowing away.  We have no affinity with them. Only God is ours. A child has no qualifications, no scholarliness, no valor, etc. The only thing he has […]

God’s Grace (2)

God-realization will not be due to our power and strength, rather it will be due to God’s power, His mercy.  It is due to His grace, that all work has been accomplished, is being done, and will get done. If we look at our lives, it is a wonder as to how did we get […]

God realisation needs no Effort 

God realization is like going back to our own home. It is very easy. All it requires is to accept  once with a firm determination and a simple heart that I am God’s and only God is mine. The mistake that we make is that we have an inclination to the world and not towards God. As […]

Do Not Waste Time, Get Immersed in God – 2

Question: But how does one have this feeling of mine-ness with God? Swamiji: We are an inseparable ‘ansh’ part of God (Paramatma). In the absolute sense we are – “Ishvar ansh, jeev avinaashi.” He is our Param Pita (Eternal Father). “Twameva Maata che Pita Twameva, Twameva Sarvam Mama Deva Devah”. You are my everything. ‘He Naath, […]