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God realisation needs no Effort 

God realization is like going back to our own home. It is very easy. All it requires is to accept  once with a firm determination and a simple heart that I am God’s and only God is mine. The mistake that we make is that we have an inclination to the world and not towards God. As […]

Who is Always Ours?

It is my sincere prayer, that you pay very close attention to what I am saying. There is an exceptional point that the God Who is ever-attained,  who is present, Who is never separate from us, appears distant to us.  And the world that never ever stayed with us, will not stay with us, which […]

Two principle Aphorisms for Spiritual Achievement – 3

(continued) ‘Abinaashi’  –   God is imperishable;   therefore ‘ansha’ (fraction/inseparable part) of God is also imperishable –  ‘avinashi tu tadviddhi’  (Gita 2/17).  Though being imperishable,  it develops affinity for the perishable body and the world – ‘Mamaivaansho jeeva loke jeevabhootah sanaatanah |  Manahshashthaani indriyaani prakrutisthaani karshati ||  (Gita 15/7)    The Ātmā (self), an eternal […]

To Remember God

(1) Remembering God is the essence of all the spiritual practices. The moment one remembers God, all unfavorable and inauspicious is eradicated. In this there is gains and only gains, there is no losses whatsoever.  To remember God in spiritual talks is most exceptional, the essence of all. Therefore while walking, standing, sitting, and at […]

God’s Grace

Grace of God is showering uninterruptedly on us, but we simply do not look towards that!  We disregard this grace, we disrespect it,  we dishonor it,  then too God does not leave His compassionate and merciful nature.  He continues to shower His grace.  A child does not disrespect the mother any less, for he urinates and excretes somewhere, he spits […]

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 13 – Part 4

||ShriHari|| continued…… ‘How can everybody be like this?’ Everybody can be like this, because every human being is entitled to attain God. Whatever caste he belongs to, whatever hermitage, whatever sect, whatever country, whatever state he belongs to, he is still entitled for attaining God. Whereas one does not fully own this world, neither one […]