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Saints and Their Service – 4

||ShriHari|| Saints and Their Service continued…….. There are two different kinds of service –   1) prayer, worship etc. 2) give clothes, food,  making available those things that are essential for sustenance of this body.    Both these services are acceptable to God, but saints do not want the first type of service, and if someone is […]

Saints and Their Service -2

Wanting worldly things,  son, wife, wealth, honor, high position, etc.  from a saint, is like crushing a priceless diamond with a stone.   This is not the proper use of a saint’s association. By asking a saint one can also get a son etc.  but is is not recognizing their true worth. Now the question arises […]

Saints and Their Service

One beholds God only by devotion and love, and this is out of God’s grace and satsang –   Bhakti taat anupam sukh moola   Milayi ho hoyhin sant anukoolaa Bhagati swatantra sakal guna khaani Binu satsang na paavahi praani   Therefore for us, only the saint is greater.   According to man’s deeds and spiritual […]

Blend Your Wishes with His Will

Main point is that we must not desire that things happen according to our wishes.  Even if we have the best of desires, then too, our mind-intellect are not so pure that they can discern what is best for our spiritual well-being.   Therefore, let your desires,  be aligned with God’s will.  Let us do as per His will.   […]