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Naam Japa and Ganga Jal

Whether your mind engages or not, do not leave ‘Naam Japa’ (recitation of Lord’s Name). Divine Name has so much power, that it will also engage your mind.   If someone asks you something, then reply to them. If you need to ask something, then ask, and if you need to tell (instruct) someone something, […]

On Consuming Intoxicants

You are veritably an eternal “ansh” fragment of God –   ‘ममैवांशो जीवलोके’ (गीता १५ | ७),   ‘ईस्वर अंस जीव अबिनासी | चेतन अमल सहज सुखरासी || ‘ मानस (७| ११७| १ )     Even after being  an eternal fragment of God you have come under the sway (control) of addictions. You have […]

On Consuming Intoxicants

Second enormity is drinking alcohol. One of the saints told me in Rishikesh that drinking alcohol is more sinful than eating beef (of a cow that has died from a natural cause). That is why my brothers please stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol is severely harmful. It damages your body. Money is wasted on it. There […]