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Naam Japa and Ganga Jal

Whether your mind engages or not, do not leave ‘Naam Japa’ (recitation of Lord’s Name). Divine Name has so much power, that it will also engage your mind.   If someone asks you something, then reply to them. If you need to ask something, then ask, and if you need to tell (instruct) someone something, […]

Mother – MAA

Whatever a mother owns, it is all to provide for the child.  A mother’s strength,  intellect, abilities,  education,   body, clothes, house,  etc.  all of it is for the child only.  Similarly,  whatever capabilities,  power,  extra-ordinariness that God has,  it is all for us only.  If it is not for us, then who is it for?   Therefore at no time should we worry […]

Power of Motherhood (Oct 10, 2018)

Scriptures have given extra-ordinary rights to women as mother.    “sahastram to pitrunmaataa gourvenaatirichyate”   (Manusmruti 2/145)     Mothers is ranked thousand times more than father.  “Sarvavandhyena yatinaa prasoorvandhyaa prayantah ||”   (Skandapuran kaashi  11/50)    “All prostrate in front of a Sanyaasi (ascetic),  but he too must prostrate before his mother.”    Nowadays, there are tests […]