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“Aap Kripa ko aasaro, aap kripa ko jor;  Aap bina dikhe nahi, teen lok mein aur.”  Oh Lord! I depend only on Your grace and Your strength. There is no one else that I see that is like You in this Universe.  “Hetu rahit jag jug upkaari;  Tumhe tumhaare sewak asuraari.”  (Manasa Uttar: 47:3)    […]

A Prayer

O’ Lord ! It is my sincere prayer to you, that You appear sweet and loving to me. That is my only requirement, there is no other requirement.  O’ Lord ! If I desire heavens, then you place me in hell; if I desire happiness, then shower me with endless sorrows, but may You at […]

A Prayer – It is Only You my Lord

||ShriHari|| May 6, 2018, Sunday Jesht Krishna Shashti, Ravivaar, Vikram Samvat 2075 A Prayer –   It is Only You my Lord  Oh Lord! Now, you will have to shower your grace on me. Whether I am bad or good or however I am, I am Your child only. Leaving You, where else can I go? […]


[Due to attachment-aversion, lust-anger and delusion etc. we cannot pray sincerely. Even then, keep on praying again and again. Like a motor starts with one stroke but on repeated trials, similarly after repeated prayers once a real prayer will erupt and that single prayer will make salvation possible.] 1. The easiest and simplest way to […]

God Immediately Listens to a Devotee’s Prayers

||ShriHari|| Mar 20, 2018, Tuesday Chaitra Shukla Tritiya, Vikram Samvat 2075 [Wherever a devotee prays either in loud voice or soft voice or prays even in his mind, God listens to it then and there. 13/13] O Lord! Whether you keep me on earth, in heaven or in hell; you make me a child, a […]

Salvation is possible only with the blessing of God

  If suddenly you remember God, celebrate the moment because this is possible only by the blessings of God. Salvation is possible only with the blessing of God. No devotee can ever say that he is absolutely pious. If he was thoroughly sinless then why was he born in this world? God forgives us and […]