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Gita’s Sharanagati – 5 (Refuge in the Lord!)

All sins and sorrow take place when one turns away from God.   Turning away from God is the worst of all sins, and to turn towards God is the greatest of all virtues.   Therefore the Lord says –   Sanmukh hoyi jeev mohi jabahi | Janma koti agh naasahin tabahin ||   (Manas.  Sunder.  44/1)The […]

Gita’s Sharanagati – 4 (Refuge in the Lord!)

Sarvadharmaan parityajya maamekam sharanam vraj | Aham tvaa sarvapaapebhyo mokshayishyaami maa suchah ||  (Gita 18/66) “Give up dependence on all duties and surrender completely to Me.   Seek refuge in Me alone.  I shall liberate you from all sins,  grieve not.”   After sharing these two verses,  the Lord said, that do not reveal this highest […]

Gita’s Sharanagati (Refuge in the Lord!)

In Gita, God has elaborated on various disciplines to attain Him.   There is no method, solution, that is left out by which man can attain His salvation.  The talks that can be shared by various mouths,  have been conveyed by Lord’s own mouth !  Thus Shridhar Swami a translator and commentator of Gitaji,  has […]

Only God is Mine – 2

Worldly work is getting messed up,  so let it be so.   It is the kind to get ruined.  Even if it improves, it will get destroyed.  Even if the whole world goes away, then too there is no concern.   Besides these two –  I and God, there is no one else.   I […]

Genuine Prayer

When our intellect becomes dull,  our tactics and our efforts all fail,  at such a time genuine prayer takes place.  On the other hand, when subtle pride remains due to some power and abilities  etc., then genuine prayer does not takes place. When the prayers are not genuine (fake), the work will not get done.  […]

What does “surrendering to God” really mean?

Questions:    1)  What does “surrendering to God” really mean?   2)  Why are we unable to surrender to God?   3)  Why must we take refuge in God ?   4)  What are the signs of one who has surrendered to God ?      Swamiji:    1)  What does “surrendering to God” really mean?  Surrendering to God means not taking shelter of […]