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God Can be Attained Assuredly Today Itself!

God (Paramatma) realization is very easy. There is no other work that is as easy as God-realization. However, there must be want of only God and nothing else. Because there is no one else like God, not in the least bit. Just like God is One without another (ananya), similarly want of God must also […]


When nothing at all is mine, then what thing should I need? Therefore “I need nothing” – by accepting this, man immediately attains a state of desirelessness in his life. When man becomes free from all desires, man becomes a yogi. In other words, he attains yog in the form of equanimity in all aspects […]

The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines – 7

continued…. Sri Sukadevaji Maharaja tells Parikshit — ‘0 King! Now give up this animal intelligence that you will die. Just like the body had no existence in the past, it was born later and then it will die, but it is not so with  you (the self), that you were non-existent in the past, you […]

The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines – 6

continued…. One vice or virtue reveals itself in different forms according to the situation. To attach more importance to the body than the self i.e., to assume the body as the self is the main flaw (evil) which gives birth to all evils. To attach more importance to the self (Divinity) is the main virtue […]

How can all attain their supreme good (kalyan) ?

How can all attain their supreme welfare (kalyan) ? It comes to the mind that,   that you and I both should do, what I am saying, then all will attain their supreme welfare (kalyan).  First and the foremost, our main objective should be that we want to attain salvation. We only have this one […]

Self is Ever Blissful

‘Sahaj Sukh Rashi’ –  The World is an abode of sorrow – ‘ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā duḥkha-yonaya eva te’ (Gita 5/22);  ‘duḥkhālayam aśāśvatam’ (Gita 8/15). It is only due to assuming an affinity, a feeling of me-mine with this sorrow-filled world, that this ‘jeev’ (embodied soul) experiences suffering.  In reality, this ‘jeev’ is an inseparable […]