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Greatness of the Great Saints

It has been said about great saints – 1) The liberated great souls, continuously remain established in the self or in God. Their life, their company, their thoughts and the air touching their bodies, lead human beings to salvation. 2) There are some people who do not know the greatness of those great men. So, […]

Saints and Their Service – 9

Feelings-sentiments and  faith develops in a saint, on associating with him time and again,  on gaining knowledge of his qualities and influence, and on following his instructions.  And thereafter one develops steady faith in him.   A saint is eternal.  There is no such time on earth and in the atmosphere, that there is not […]

Saints and Their Service – 8

There is one more point.   When there is nothing in between the fire and us,  we get burnt by the fire. However, if we wear shoes on our feet and then touch the fire, then it will not burn the feet.   Similarly, if while associating with a saint, we criticize, complain, condemn etc., and place […]

Saints and Their Service – 7

If one associates with saints, it will never be a waste.  But while recognizing their greatness, conducting ourselves according to their principles, and associating with them, is real association.  It is only by doing so that one can quickly realize the true benefits of their association. A doubt may arise regarding this, that one can […]

Saints and Their Service – 6

The saint himself out of his own will attends satsang;  because going in front of those loving seekers, contemplating, thinking and sharing the words of God takes place, which is most dear to a saint.  Not only that, a saint feel obliged to those devotees who are in association with him, thinking that due to […]

Saints and Their Service – 5

There was a saint, who wanted to test  a disciple among his various faithful disciples.   He said – I have a severe backache, please press my back with your feet.     The faithful devotee said “Maharaj! How can I touch my feet to your back?” The saint immediately said –  “As you wish! You cannot touch […]