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Although the sense of being (of existing) if of the self rather than the body, yet a striver commits a mistake that first he perceives the body and then perceives the self in the body; first he perceives the appearance and then perceives the real (existent element). How long will this applied polish last? A […]

The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines – 3

So far we have acquired innumerable bodies and they have been left but we remain the same. At the time of death the body will be left here but we’ll go to other wombs, to other worlds such as heaven and hell etc., or we’ll attain salvation and go to the Abode of God. It […]

The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines – 2

Let us say for example that after sweeping and removing the dust and dirt with a broom, the broom is also discarded and what remains is the clean house. It means that when we think with our mind and decide with our intellect that ‘I am the soul’, we stay connected with nature (our constitution). […]

Discovery of Truth

It is written in the scriptures that in the human body there is predominance of actions. When man has a desire to acquire something, then there is an inclination to act. An action is of two kinds – duty (kartavya) i.e. what ought to be done and “non-duty” (akartavya) i.e. what ought not to be […]

Attainment of the Ever Attained

God has bestowed upon ‘Jeev‘ (embodied soul), this human body, so that it may attain salvation. From this view-point, this human life is in fact only for engaging in spiritual disciplines “saadhanyoni“. Simply by following one’s spiritual disciplines, man can attain salvation, he can be liberated from the shackles of birth and death cycle. Why […]

Definite Means for Salvation

God out of His grace has bestowed upon us this human body so that we may attain salvation. Besides attaining salvation, this human birth has no need, purpose, object, use or concern whatsoever. This body, wealth-possessions, property-house, wife-son etc. whatever worldly things that are there, they all-in-all are acquired and will go away. A man […]