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How do we deal with unfavorable situations?

Question:  How do we deal with unfavorable situations? Swamiji:  In God’s pleasure and happiness is our happiness. When we follow His directions, He becomes indebted to us. When a situation comes to us (from God), then why must we question it? All unfavorable situations (pratikulataa) result in exhausting our sins. It is almost as if the […]

How can we make progress on the spiritual path?

Question:  We are following the spiritual path, how can we make progress on this path? Swamiji:  The main obstacles to spiritual progress are the worldly relations that we have assumed in our lives, to be ours. It is the delusion, the attachments (moha) that we have assumed with the world. Become free of these delusions. Our […]

“Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing it ?

Question:  “Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing it ? Swamiji:  Srimad Bhagavatam has addressed the method of realizing “All is God” (Srimad Bhag 11:29:16) Whatever be the race, stage, sect, caste or religion of a person, he/she is God only (manifestation of only God). In this there are four points – 1) God is […]

How to Realize Everything is God?

Question:  “Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing this fact ? How is it accomplished?   Swamiji:  If we want to realize “Everything is God”, then we should hold firmly that the body, which we presume to be our own, has been attained by us from the world, and it shall perish some […]

Question – How to lead a household life ? Answer – This human body, and that too in the household order (grahastha ashram) is a school to attain salvation. This human body is not for indulging in sense pleasures and for rest and relaxation ‘Yahin tana kar phal bishaya na bhaayi‘ ( Manas, Uttar 44/1) […]

How to Follow the Path of a Renunciate?

Question – How to follow the path of a renunciate, when it is forbidden in Kali-age ? Answer – It is forbidden in the Kali-age because in this age it is very difficult to follow this path properly. Therefore just like retired government servants, he should retire from the domestic duties and having handed over […]